Once you and your pet have completed a training program,
you can take advantage of these awesome perks!

Dog training help with certified dog trainer via video chat

Ad-hoc Virtual Follow-Up Sessions ($30/30 minutes)

Sometimes you need more advice than a quick follow-up email can provide - you want to show Naomi the behavior your pet is working on and connect in real time to discuss your training. As a Praiseworthy Alum, you get access to in-depth follow ups via video chat! 

dog holding roll of money in mouth, Photo from

$50 towards the cost of your next package

Your pet's behavior might need a little more tweaking, or you want to work on another skill. As a Praiseworthy Alum, you get $50 off the total cost of each subsequent training program you purchase!

Refer dog training services to a friend or family member

Alumni Adventures

Continue your dog's training with customized mid-week outings. Your pup will hang out 1-on-1 with Naomi in dog-friendly places around town to work on key skills while getting exercise and enrichment. For dog-friendly alums, semi-private outings are also an option. As a Praiseworthy Alum, you get exclusive access to this valuable program!