5 Ways to Tire Out Your Pet INDOORS (Mentally and Physically)

The Curse of The Modern Pet: Boredom

A lot of cats and dogs these days have an easy life:

  • they don't have to go hunt or scavenge for their food to stay alive
  • they're kept safe and warm indoors
  • their physical health is taken care of

But the trade-off for this kept lifestyle is that pets now have ample opportunities to be bored.

I'll bet you this is a portrait of most dogs most days :)

I'll bet you this is a portrait of most dogs most days :)

The typical modern cat or dog spends the majority of the daytime hours napping, waiting for their people to return from wherever they go each day.

And when the humans do get home, they are often too tired or busy to spend quality time with the dog outside. It's totally understandable (from the human's perspective) but the animals still need an appropriate outlet to release their pent-up mental and physical energy.

So how to break the curse?

This infographic lists a few simple ways that you can use household items and little creativity to give your pet the mental and physical stimulation they need to be happy and healthy - all without leaving your house! 👍 

Feel free to share with your friends who are busy... and have pets. And comment below if you try any of these activities with your cat or dog!

Originally published on April 6, 2018; revisions made May 18, 2021.


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