5 Ways to Tire Out Your Pet INDOORS (Mentally and Physically)

The Curse of The Modern Pet: Boredom

A lot of cats and dogs these days have an easy life:

  • they don't have to go hunt or scavenge for their food to stay alive
  • they're kept safe and warm indoors
  • their physical health is taken care of

But the trade-off for this kept lifestyle is that pets now have ample opportunities to be bored.

I'll bet you this is a portrait of most dogs most days :)

I'll bet you this is a portrait of most dogs most days :)

The typical modern cat or dog spends the majority of the daytime…

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Why dogs love KONGs (and you should, too)!

Behold: The KONG toy

A seemingly simple beehive-ish looking thingy that doesn't tend to impress on first sight.

But when I tell you that this red piece of rubber can change your life with your dog, you better believe it.

Your puppy is nipping and biting at you?
Give him a KONG to scratch that teething itch.

Your adolescent dog is rifling through your trash and chewing your table legs?
Give her a KONG for added mental stimulation.

Your older dog is slowing down and can't handle lon…

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