Book Your Alum Adventures


For Praiseworthy Pets who want more than a regular dog walk...

Naomi will take your pup on a 1-on-1 training outing!
Your dog will visit pet-friendly stores, parks, and walking trails for a fun mid-week adventure.

Here's the basic schedule of each 1.5-hour long expedition: 

  1. Naomi will pick your dog up from your house and take him or her to a local dog-friendly location (within a ~15-20 minute drive of your house)
  2. For about an hour, Naomi will combine play and enrichment with work on important skills like loose leash walking, ignoring distractions, recall, etc.
  3. Your dog will come back home having had an amazing time (and probably will take a loooong snooze)!

Since Naomi already knows your dog's behavior inside and out, she'll choose destinations that will play to your his strengths and allow her to work on his weaknesses :) 

Step 1. Purchase your Alum Adventure package:

Step 2. Use your purchase code to schedule your pup's adventure(s):

Click on Redeem Package, enter your purchase code (it's in your confirmation email), and choose an available date!

Call or email Naomi ASAP if you have any issues with purchasing or booking,
or if you have questions about Alum Adventures!