Cat and Kitten Training Programs



Don't struggle with your cat's behavior on your own!

Your training program is designed by a professional, especially for YOU.

- new skills introduced at your pace
- exercises taught in your own learning style
- tweaks and revisions as needed, based on your feedback


"Naomi and Praiseworthy Pets completely saved our sanity. Our older cat (Storm) was using the living room carpet for a litter box. After a $500 trip to the vet with the diagnosis of, "Sometimes old cats don't like the box," we felt we were out of options.

Naomi truly worked miracles. We were out of options to change [Storm]'s behavior. After observing [Storm] in her natural environment, she made multiple practical, action oriented suggestions. I was terrified that it wouldn't work, but every suggestion that we implemented worked perfectly.

Naomi is so knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. Thanks to her, [Storm] now uses an alternative box appropriately and I no longer have the smell and mess of cat urine carpets! She truly worked miracles. I can't recommend her services strongly enough.

- Tami, Rich, and STORM

Here's how it works:


Step 1.
Talk to Naomi about your cat or kitten

Naomi will ask you some questions to get a sense of your training goals, your cat's personality, and whether we would be a good fit to work together!

Step 2.
Set up your intro session

Naomi will come to your house for your first session! We will get to know each other, talk in depth about your cat's behavior and your lifestyle, and get started with some foundation training. This 1-1.5 hour consultation costs $100.

Step 3.
Start your customized training program!

After your intro session, Naomi will send you your individualized training program which is designed around:
- your training goals
- your cat or kitten's baseline behavior
- the amount of time you have to devote to training


Your training program will be made up of some combination of these types of sessions:

Libby sitting.png

Coaching Sessions

Naomi teaches you and your cat the skills you need to see behavior change - then it's time for you to practice!

pepper with toy.png

Practice Sessions

Naomi trains with your cat 1-on-1, giving him extra practice time on the skills you are working on at home.

naomi laptop wave small circle.png

Virtual Check-Ins

Naomi video chats or emails with you to check in on your progress.


And once you complete your training program, you get access to these awesome Alumni Benefits!

- Ad-hoc Virtual Sessions
- Discounted Future Training Programs
- Alumni-Only Boarding

Check out some previous programs!

Click on the names of these Praiseworthy Pets alums to see what their custom training programs were like:

jack and pepper eating auto feeder.JPG

+ Jack and Pepper: 4 years old, DSH

Training goals:

  • reduce attention seeking behaviors for food
  • reduce middle of the night activity
  • integrate human's new boyfriend into the household without causing the cats stress

Jack and Pepper's baseline behavior:

  • both cats would meow and paw for food constantly, would wake up humans in the middle of the night to be fed
  • cats would play with each other at 2am, knocking things over

Jack and Pepper's Custom Program:
1 Intro Session
Email follow ups

"Things are still very good with the cats. In fact if their behavior stayed this way I'd say I'm 100% happy. Although I haven't tested them with an open water glass on the bedside table overnight :)
They are very happy, social, without being overly aggressive or vocal. They are more interested when we open the closet with the toys than the refrigerator or linen closet where their dry food is held!"

- Jack and Pepper's humans

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 2.21.43 PM.png

+ Libby: 6 years old, DSH

Training goals:

  • stop door dashing/escaping
  • increase her tolerance for handling
  • teach her to come when called from back patio

Libby's baseline behavior:

  • Libby would rush out the front door whenever it was left open (she used to live outside)
  • would not engage with humans unless she initiated contact
  • was not comfortable being handled

Libby's Custom Program:
1 Intro Session
Email follow ups

"The nose touch exercise has been easy and effective to implement on a regular basis and we look forward to seeing where that leads in improving Libby's responsiveness to our cues. She seems to be enjoying all the extra treats and play time as part of that as well! We are feeling more and more like confident cat parents ;-)"
- Libby's humans

+ Pepper: 1 year(ish), DSH

Training goals:

  • acclimate Pepper to his new home
  • integrate Pepper with Logan (his doggy brother)

Pepper's baseline behavior:

  • Pepper and Logan were separated on different floors of the house, Logan would fixate on Pepper when he saw him, Pepper would hiss
  • Pepper wanted more freedom in the house

Pepper's Custom Program:
Intro Session
4 Coaching Sessions

"Before we began working together, I was so stressed that our dog and cat would never get along. With [Naomi's] careful instruction, she has empowered us to practice techniques with our dog Logan that have contributed to his reduced reactivity around our cat Pepper. We just wanted to say how thrilled we are with how much Logan and Pepper's relationship has improved. Thanks so much!"
- Pepper's humans


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