Day Training Details

What is the ideal schedule of a day training program?

- 3 Day Training Sessions followed by 1 Transfer Session per week, in consecutive weeks

- Follow-Up Session #1 takes place 1 week after the last Transfer Session

- Follow-Up Session #2 takes place 1 week after Follow-Up #1

Do I need to be home when you come to train my pet? How will you enter my house to do the training sessions while I'm out?

You do not need to be home when I come to your house for the training sessions. We will discuss how I will enter during your intro session. Previous clients have: lent me a key, had a babysitter or nanny let me in, opened the door themselves before going out to run errands, and given me a door code. Whatever is most comfortable for you, works for me!

If you do the training for me, what will my role and responsibilities be during the day training process?

I aim to ease the stress of training for you as much as I can, but you will still need to actively participate in aspects of your pet's training for you to reap the benefits of hiring me as your trainer.

    • You should expect to be dedicated to maintaining your pet's new behaviors, routine, and management plan so that our training results can be long-lasting.
    • You should aim to always treat your pet with respect and compassion, and will strive to minimize your pet's stress in your daily lives together.
    • You should commit to asking me for clarification, help, and support at any time during or after your training program, to get the best results for you and your pet.

Remember, I will always be available to help and guide you, and if anything I ask of you is too much, it is important that you let me know so that I can adjust our plan.