Drop-In Training Classes
(Sundays, 2-3 pm)

Praiseworthy Pets training classes are designed to provide you and your dog with real-world skills to use in your daily life together. Each class is $30/dog, maximum 5 dogs per class. 

What's different about these classes?

No pre-requisites required. Every month we will build on you and your dog's individual skill level - adding difficulty as is appropriate. Some dogs will be newbies, and some will already have some practice under their collars! Start at any time and continue to practice at your dog's pace.

Drop in occasionally, attend once a month, or come every week. No need for you to sign up for a number of consecutive weeks if your schedule doesn't allow it. You can just pick up where you left off!

Class topics rotate monthly. Take a look at the topics covered below - sign up for just one monthly class, or all of them!

Settle Down, Dog! (1st Sunday of every month)

  • Help your dog be calmer in different situations. This class will help if your dog is jumping up, barking inappropriately, or just getting over-excited. 

  • This class will focus on impulse control: leave it, wait, settle at feet, and other methods to redirect and calm your dog.  

Leash Life! (2nd Sunday of every month)

  • Make your walks with your dog more harmonious for both ends of the leash. 

  • This class will focus on loose leash walking: reduce pulling, install polite leash skills, keep a loose leash in the face of distractions, and on-leash greetings (people & dogs). 

Boredom Busters! (3rd Sunday of every month)

  • Give your dog physical and mental stimulation to prevent behavior problems and to keep them happy and healthy.  

  • This class will focus on engaging activities for your dog's Sunday Funday, including: ways to use household items to enrich your dog's life, agility exercises, nosework, and games to practice your dog's foundation skills.

The Family Dog! (4th Sunday of every month)

  • Got children and dogs? Whether you recently got a dog, recently had a kid, or just need some more household harmony - this is the class for you!

  • We expect both dogs and children in attendance for this class, and training will involve both the dogs and the children, always keeping safety in mind.

Pant Dog Center

1134 Dickinson Street
Philadelphia, PA


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