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Don't struggle with your dog's behavior on your own!

Your training program is designed by a professional, especially for YOU.

- new skills introduced at your pace
- exercises taught in your own learning style
- tweaks and revisions as needed, based on your feedback


"Working with Naomi has truly improved our quality of life with our dogs and we are all much happier. I never thought I would use a dog trainer but now I realize just how valuable and unbelievably helpful having the guidance of a professional trainer is, and wish we’d worked with her even sooner! It is completely worth it.

- Kelly, Steve, ISA and CIRO

Here's how it works:


Step 1.
Talk to Naomi about your dog or puppy

Naomi will ask you some questions to get a sense of your training goals, your dog's personality, and whether we would be a good fit to work together!

Step 2.
Set up your intro session

Naomi will come to your house for your first session! We will get to know each other, talk in depth about your dog's behavior and your lifestyle, and get started with some foundation training. This 1-1.5 hour consultation costs $100.

Step 3.
Start your customized training program!

After your intro session, Naomi will send you your individualized training program which is designed around:
- your training goals
- your dog or puppy's baseline behavior
- the amount of time you have to devote to training


Your training program will be made up of some combination of these types of sessions:

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Coaching Sessions

Naomi teaches you and your dog the skills you need to see behavior change - then it's time for you to practice!

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Practice Sessions

Naomi trains with your dog 1-on-1, giving him extra practice time on the skills you are working on at home.

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Virtual Check-Ins

Naomi video chats or emails with you to check in on your progress or to consult with you when you are out of town.


And once you complete your training program, you get access to these awesome Alumni Benefits!

- Ad-hoc Virtual Sessions
- Discounted Future Training Programs
- Alumni Adventures

Check out some previous programs!

Click on the names of these Praiseworthy Pets alums to see what their custom training programs were like:

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+ Sam: 2 years, Lab Mix

Training goals:

  • reduce reactivity to other dogs while on leash
  • reduce barking and lunging at visitors to the house
  • reduce Sam's fears of novelty and scary objects

Sam's baseline behavior:

  • Sam barked, lunged, and went totally over-threshold upon seeing another dog while on leash; even the sound of dog tags jingling put him on high alert
  • Sam barked and rushed at all visitors
  • Sam startled and shied away from different types of stimuli (noises, objects)

Sam's Custom Program:
4 Virtual Sessions
Additional Virtual Sessions as needed in future

"We love working with Naomi to train Sam. She clearly knows her stuff. She is creative and takes the time to come up with different training approaches that are realistic for our particular situation. Plus, she’s easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor!

Since we started working with her, with practice Sam has been able to be OK with bigger noises around the house and yard than before, and we’ve learned tricks to help him stay calmer when visitors come in our door.

Thank you Naomi for all your work with us and Sammy!
- Sam's humans

+ Bridget: 4 months, Labrador Retriever

Training goals:

  • housetraining
  • curbing puppy biting
  • socialization
  • learning to settle in the house
  • basic cues: leash walking, recall, waiting at doors
  • improving door greetings and decreasing jumping on guests
  • increasing tolerance to handling

Bridget's baseline behavior:

  • she had a LOT of energy and would rarely relax in the house
  • she had a relatively hard bite and would nip hands when being petted
  • had little recall, and her humans wanted her to be reliable off leash

Bridget's Custom Program:
Intro Session
7 Coaching Sessions
10 Practice Sessions

"[Bridget] has been really good the last week. We went to a friends with her yesterday and she listened well when she was really distracted."
- Bridget's humans, mid-program
Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 2.38.58 PM.png

+ Kensey and Sausage: 9 and 1.5 years, Pit Mixes

Training goals:

  • determine if Sausage was a good match for Kensey
  • work on integrating the two dogs together in the home
  • work on Kensey's tendency to guard her humans and Sausage's energetic behaviors

Kensey and Sausage's baseline behavior:

  • Sausage was a very exuberant player who didn't know how to settle
  • Kensey and Sausage would occassionally "argue" about toys and attention from their humans
  • neither dog was able to wait their turn for training time or any other reinforcing activity

Kensey and Sausage's Custom Program:
1 Coaching Session
2 pre-adoption meet-and-greets
email support and ad-hoc in-person sessions as needed

"We contacted Naomi for advice on adopting our 2nd dog, Sausage, and determining if he and our older dog, Kensey, could be happy together. Additionally, we met with her again post-adoption for tips on managing the challenges of a two-dog household.

Her training techniques and advice to us were invaluable as was her understanding and analysis of dog behavior. We've learned how to train them together, reward them when they are calm, and how to identify and redirect problem behaviors before they can escalate.

The experience has shown us that there's really no substitute for expertise! Choosing an expert trainer, especially one like Naomi who goes above and beyond to ensure our success, was the best decision we could have made."
- Kensey and Sausage's humans


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