Easy, FREE (almost) Dog Food Puzzle

As a professional dog trainer, I know how important it is to provide your dog with mental stimulation throughout the day, and putting your dog's daily kibble in food puzzles is a great way to do that.

But I'm a busy mom, business owner, and generally over-committed person. So I am the first to admit that while prepping gourmet Kongs is fun for both me and my dog, it isn't an everyday occurrence. So when dinnertime hits, I'm looking for a quick, easy, and entertaining dog activity.


the egg carton.

egg carton.jpg

I had just made an omelet with the last two eggs and was about to toss the carton in the recycling when i realized:

  • it already has holes in it!
  • I don't care if it gets destroyed!
  • it's light enough for dogs to manipulate easily!
  • it's FREE!
    (cause I bought the eggs inside, not the carton, right?)

So how can you use this wondrous item as a food puzzle?
It couldn't be easier.

Step 2.
Tape shut.

Step 1.
Fill with your dog's kibble or some treats.

egg carto with food.jpg
taped carton.jpg

Step 3.
Give to your dog and watch the fun ensue!

This kept my puzzle savvy dog (and cat) busy for 15 minutes, which gave me enough time to feed the baby some dinner without having to deal with this:

This is photographic evidence that dog trainer's dogs are not perfect :)

This is photographic evidence that dog trainer's dogs are not perfect :)


So there you have it, folks. Give it a try next time you're about to recycle that egg carton!

Do you have any other ideas for food puzzles/mental enrichment activities made from basic household items? Let me know in the comments!