If you recently adopted a rescue dog...

Take advantage of Post-Adoption Support!


Post-Adoption Consultation

1-hour for $100

This consultation is where you start - it's for anyone who adopted a new dog in the last 30 days.

  • A certified professional dog trainer evaluates your new dog's behavior in your home so far.
  • You will learn ways to manage/troubleshoot any issues that have already come up.
  • You get a customized plan outlining the next steps to take to transition your dog into your household successfully!

Training Package Discount

$50 off

This discount is available to any family who has completed the Post-Adoption Consultation and wants more help!

  • You get $50 off the price of the training package that is most appropriate for your new puppy or adult dog.
"Posie and I are so fortunate to have worked with you. Not only have you made our life together better, but also possible. There were a few days when I doubted my judgment in adopting her. But the few simple, yet not obvious, rules you laid down made Posie’s transition from skittish rescue to ideal pet happen. And it was all so much fun!”
- Lucinda and POSIE

Your new rescue dog won the lottery when he went home with you!


Take advantage of Post-Adoption Support
to start his life with you off right.