If you know you want to rescue your next family member,
but need help finding the right dog...

Take advantage of Pre-Adoption Support!


Potential Candidate Selection

$75 for 2 Weeks

Naomi will find candidates for you from online databases, local rescues, and the dogs she knows personally at ACCT Philly.

  • You will get a list of dogs (once weekly) who seem like great fits for your family.
  • If you choose to go meet any of these dogs (without Naomi), take video of the meet and Naomi will evaluate the dog's behavior to see if it is a good match!
shelter dog.jpg

In-Person Evaluations

$100 / hour

Meet your potential new family member with Naomi there to help guide you through what questions to ask and what behaviors to look for.

  • Naomi will accompany you to the shelter, rescue, or foster (if within service area)
  • If dog is housed outside of service area, these meets can be done virtually via video chat.

Training Package Discount

$50 off

This discount is available to any family who adopted a dog using the Pre-Adoption Support program!

  • You get $50 off the price of the training package that is most appropriate for your new puppy or adult dog.


You want to make an educated choice in the search for your new family member.


Take advantage of Pre-Adoption Support to get help from a professional.

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Pre-Adoption Questionairre