You have an adorable (but naughty) young puppy.
He needs training, and you need help!

The Puppy Foundations program (and it's add-ons) teach you how to navigate the toughest aspects of puppyhood...
- housetraining
- dealing with puppy nipping
- socialization to their environment
- managing puppy energy

... and Naomi is your coach and support at every step of the process,
providing guidance to make sure you are successful!


Puppy Foundations Program

(required for all puppy clients)


  • 5 private training sessions: Naomi teaches you and your puppy foundation skills and concepts
    • housetraining
    • bite inhibition
    • socialization
    • name recognition and attention
    • intro to recall
    • intro to polite leash walking
    • intro to "leave it" and "drop it"
  • 1 troubleshooting session
  • Supplies and Support
  • Access to Alumni Benefits once your puppy completes the program!




In addition to the Puppy Foundations program, Naomi might suggest one or more of the following add-ons.
This decision is determined by your training goals
and Naomi's observations of your puppy during your intro session.


Socialization Intensive

For puppies who are shy or nervous OR puppies who are overly excited by new things!

  • Private field trips to dog-friendly places around the area! 
    - the Wissahickon trails
    - outdoor shopping
    - pet stores
    - home improvement stores
    - or a location of your choice (within a 10-15 minute drive of your house)
  • You also get:
    - a video from each outing
    - a report of what experiences your puppy checked off her socialization checklist and what still needs work

Handling Intensive

For puppies who shy away from hands or turn to nip when you try to pet them.

  • Learning that being touched is fun!
    - nail clipping/grooming
    - petting/hands over the head
    - being restrained (as if for a vet exam)
    - putting on a harness
    - or anything else that makes your puppy uncomfortable
  • You also get:
    - a video from each session
    - a report of how your puppy is progressing and what still needs work
puppy vet.JPG


Victory Vet Visits

For puppies who need to learn to be relaxed at the vet.

  • Private field trips to the vet for fun training! 
    - getting up on the scale
    - waiting calmly in the waiting room
    - being up on the exam table
    - being restrained (as if for a vet exam)
  • You also get:
    - a video from each session
    - a report of how your puppy is progressing and what still needs work

Training is an important investment in your puppy's future,
and payment plans are available to make it affordable.