If you recently took in a foster dog...

Take advantage of Support for Fosters!


Foster Dog Consultation

1-hour for $75

This consultation is where you start - it's for anyone who wants insight into their foster dog's behavior.

  • A certified professional dog trainer evaluates your foster's behavior in your home so far.
  • You will learn ways to manage/troubleshoot any issues that have already come up.
  • You get a customized plan outlining the next steps to increase your foster's adoptability!
video support.png

Video Support

$30 for each video session

Your foster might end up staying with you for a while. Keep up the communication with Naomi for any necessary small tweaks in the plan!

  • Upload videos of your foster's behavior and Naomi will help you troubleshoot via video chat.
  • Ask Naomi's advice for how to promote your foster effectively!
meet and greet.jpg

Meet-and-Greet Help

1 hour for $75

Meet your foster's potential new family with Naomi there.

  • Get insight into what questions to ask and what behaviors to look for to see if it's a good match.
  • Naomi will help you facilitate the meet and guide you in deciding if they are the right people for your foster.
"Naomi came to my home to work with my stressed out and anxious foster dog, Bonnie, on some of her dog-aggression and anxiety issues...

She met Bonnie separately [from the rest of the animals] and made a very fast friend - she was gentle and kind and Bonnie quickly took to her...she left me feeling confident in my refreshed approach of how to help and understand my girl.

She gave me some great insight, as well as some informative resources, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help helping their dog - even, and especially, the most complex cases. Thank you Naomi, from all of us!"
- Liz and BONNIE

Your new foster is so lucky he is staying with you!


Take advantage of Support for Fosters to help you through this rewarding, emotional experience.