If you're stressed about your household's cat-dog relations and you're searching for guidance on how to help your pets coexist... YOU'VE FOUND IT 😁

A membership site for people with both cats and dogs who are dedicated to helping their pets live together safely and peacefully.

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 The membership includes: 

Live Sessions

✔️ group Q&As
✔️ masterclasses
✔️ private office hours with your trainer
✔️ "train with me" coaching opportunities


✔️ training demos
✔️ private podcast
✔️ handouts and infographics
✔️ feedback on your training videos

Online Community

Get support from other cat-and-dog-people going through similar issues and celebrate each other's triumphs!

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and get immediate access to all Club resources and live events

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schedule a private consultation with Naomi to get you started on the right path (included in your first month's payment!)

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attend monthly masterclasses and live group coaching sessions, get support from other pet parents going through similar issues

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$99 for your first month...


per month after that!

(month 1 includes a 50-minute one-on-one Strategy Session with Naomi)

Praiseworthy Pets

“I would HIGHLY recommend Naomi for your pet behavioral needs.  She helped us tackle the impossible!”

Penny (dog) and Piglet (cat)

Praiseworthy Pets

“If you are struggling with getting your cats and dogs to coexist, even in the slightest, I would highly recommend joining the club! I feel like my animals are going to get to live their best lives after learning all that Naomi has to share, and continues to share with me.”

Holder (dog) Emmy and Opal (cats)

Praiseworthy Pets

“I am so glad we joined to learn how to slowly get our dogs and cat acclimated. It’s been 6 months now and we have seen significant changes.”

Freddy (cat) Elvis, Paulie, and Laci (dogs)


If you have cat(s) and dog(s) in your household who...

- can't even be in the same room together
- mostly get along (with the occasional misunderstanding)
- are just getting to know each other
- used to coexist but something changed
- are just a little too intense when they're together

...this membership is for you!

There are 3 main components (all housed in the "Clubhouse") that work together to help get you the best results:

      1. Coaching and feedback from your trainer (monthly masterclasses, live group Q&A sessions, as well as office hours for 1:1 troubleshooting, all recorded to be able to watch later)

      2. Training resources (video demos, worksheets, quizzes, trackers, and handouts to help you progress through the learning process - always being revised and improved)

      3. Support from other club members (an online private community where you can share training videos, ask questions, and help each other along your journeys)

Nope! The Club is helpful for anyone (of any skill level) who wants to help their pets live together safely and peacefully. Some members will have never done any formal training, while others have been working with their animals for years. There are even a few who are professional trainers themselves!

It's definitely possible! You might be working on other behaviors that your dog is displaying outside the house, for example. Or your cat is aggressing towards guests. Since those are outside the scope of this membership, you might need someone else to help you through those issues.

However, it's often the case that many of your pets' behaviors are inter-related, so it's important to have all the team members involved in your animals' lives (other trainers, pet sitters, walkers, vets) be in communication and on the same page about the plan for your animals. Please let me know if you are working with another trainer and we might be able to all get in contact to make sure our training plans complement each other!

If you join and find the membership isn’t for you, then you can cancel easily any time. In fact, it takes only a few clicks! You have complete control.

Please do keep in mind that the membership is in its infancy at the moment, and will only get better with time. Let me know what aspects of the membership aren't working for you and I'll do my best to make improvements!

You deserve a happier life with your cats and dogs.

Join the Cat and Dog Coexistence Club to get the knowledge, skills, and support you need to help them learn to safely and peacefully coexist.