In training packages for my feline clients,
I concentrate on managing their environments and establishing good routines
while giving them confidence and coping skills to deal with stressors.

I emphasize concepts like:


Mental & physical stimulation

(getting energy out in a constructive way)

2017-08-03 09.55.32.jpg

Reinforced escape

(letting kitty get space when things get stressful)


Environmental management

(making improvements to a cat's space to influence behavior)

As first time cat owners, we relied on Naomi to guide us through bringing our Willow home and helping her adjust. Naomi is a bountiful source of knowledge, helping us navigate all the everyday, but still nervewracking, issues that crop up, including setting up our litterbox, finding the right mix of food, and diagnosing and working through behavior challenges.
— Juliet, Ben, and WILLOW

Willow surveying her queendom.

Private Coaching packages are perfect for cats who:


...don't get along with your other cat(s)


...resist being handled


...pee outside the litterbox

...hate nail trims

...wake you at all hours


...dislike your dog