Enjoy life with both your cats and your dogs.

 Online training and behavior programs for pet-loving families 
 who want their cats and dogs to peacefully coexist. 

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Increase Your Pets' Quality of Life
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Your cat and dog are fighting like cats and dogs...

🐾 Maybe you've got a scaredy cat and an assertive dog and never know when a high speed chase is going to start

🐾 Maybe you just added a new pet to the household and your resident cat or dog is struggling to adjust

🐾 Maybe you sometimes catch your pets resting together on the couch, but hissing and swiping still happen a lot

🐾 Maybe you and your partner are talking about moving in together, but are nervous about your pets sharing the same space

🐾  Maybe your dog is wary of his fearless feline roommate and you have no idea how to boost his confidence

...and following the tips from your Google search of every variation of "how to get a cat and dog to like each other" only left you stressed and confused

You deserve a happier life with your cats and dogs.
Get the knowledge, skills, and support you need from a training program with Praiseworthy Pets.

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 Meet Your Trainer: 

Naomi Rotenberg
specializing in cat and dog integration

Hi! I'm Naomi 👋

I help dogs, cats, and their people improve the quality of their communication through training so they can all live successfully together.

Over the years, many of my private cat-dog relations clients came to me frustrated with the lack of comprehensive, easy-to-follow tools and resources dedicated specifically to the issues that multi-species households face.

I've designed my training programs to help fill that gap and provide clear, easily accessible information and guidance to the "cat-and-dog people" of the world.

I look forward to getting to know you and your pets on your journey towards a more peaceful and safe coexistence!

and my cat-dog pair:
Rio (the cat) and
Uri (the Mini American Eskimo Dog) 

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I know it's breaking your heart that your cat and dog aren't the perfect roommates. I'll bet you've spent countless hours reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos to try to find the right path forward.

You've probably already tried to implement a few of the techniques you learned about. But things didn't go exactly to plan, and you struggled to troubleshoot and adjust.

How are you supposed to know how to turn general training advice into the right plan for your specific situation? You aren't.

You need a clear process to follow and a dedicated coach who will help you navigate the bumps in the road and cheer you on when you make progress. And that's exactly what you'll get from your private training program with Praiseworthy Pets.

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Get your cat and dog on the path towards coexistence.

Here’s how it works:

Schedule a Strategy Session.

We'll map out an initial plan to get your pets from where they are now to where you want them to be.

Follow the PETS Process.

Learn to expertly prevent fights and encourage calm interactions through private coaching, online courses, and support from peers. 

Enjoy a more relaxing future with your pets!

Incorporate your new skills into daily life and know your pets are living their best lives together.

Pet Trainer on Retainer $597.00

“We came to Naomi ready to tear our hair out after I moved in with my fiance and his herding dog and my two, fiesty cats did NOT hit it off. It took some work, but she guided us through the creation of a peaceful coexistence for all three of our furry trouble makers, as well as working on improving the walking behavior of our dog. Our household is night and day different now, and it is a tremendous relief. 10/10 would recommend Naomi for anyone struggling with their dog or cats behaviors.”

Harry (dog) with Stella and Luna (cats)... a puppy (Lore) came later

Praiseworthy Pets

“NAOMI IS GREAT!!! My husband and I just recently rescued our dog who was known to have fearful behaviors. I knew there would be challenges with adopting a fearful dog but did not comprehend just how many challenges there would be...

She solely used positive reinforcement and allowed our anxious dog to determine the pace which I found so comforting. I am also EXTREMELY happy to announce that our dog and 2 cats now live under one roof in peace and harmony!”

Toby (dog) with Gus and Spanky (cats)... a 3rd cat (Marti) came later

Training Programs

Which of these is right for your multi-species household?

for cat-and-dog people who want to be led through their pets' training program step-by-step

for cat-and-dog people who want individualized guidance on the path towards their pets' coexistence

for cat-and-dog people who want access to customized help, but prefer to self-motivate towards progress

for cat-and-dog people who want camaraderie and support from each other 

If you're searching for multi-species harmony...
Tell me a little about you and your pets!