How to Introduce Your New Cat to Your Dog - with Dr. Valli Fraser-Celin

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What do you do when you want to add a new cat into a house with a resident dog?

All pets are different, but for most of them, an adjustment period is needed. How you introduce them is crucial if you want to see them getting along.

In a recent coaching call with fellow pet professional, Dr. Valli Fraser-Celin, I took her through some simple steps to take to introduce her new cat, Peaches, to her dog, Husk.

If you'd like to listen to the episode, click play below:

Valli has always been a dog…

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How to Help Your Pets Move Forward After an Incident

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What do you do when your cat and dog have had a fight? How do you help everyone feel safe again?

During a private office hours session, I spoke with two members of The Cat and Dog Coexistence Club, Em and Lindsey, about the aftermath of a recent incident between their cat, Fenton, and their dog, Bambi. 

Em and Lindsey went out for a few minutes and returned home to their pets no longer separated (and a very stressed Bambi).

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Pets not getting along? Try some enrichment!


We often jump straight into intensive training when our cats and dogs are struggling to live together. But this is often not the best approach - putting thought into enrichment to meet each of our pet's needs as individuals will go a LONG way in helping them develop a better relationship with each other.

This applies to all species... if I'm trying to get my kids out the door for school, I'm much nicer and more patient if I've had a chance to get some fresh air, scroll Instagram for a few minut…

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Cat and dog management tips (beyond doors and baby gates)

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You need ways to keep your cats and dogs separate from each other while you aren't supervising them, even if you don't have any concerns about their safety when left alone. This calls for a solid management plan!

Since you're actively working on improving their relationship, you want to make sure they don't annoy each other or stress each other out if you aren't there to intervene or redirect.

Your main goal is to keep them physically apart, but you might also need to block sightlines to k…

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5 Ways to Tire Out Your Pet INDOORS (Mentally and Physically)

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The Curse of The Modern Pet: Boredom

A lot of cats and dogs these days have an easy life:

  • they don't have to go hunt or scavenge for their food to stay alive
  • they're kept safe and warm indoors
  • their physical health is taken care of

But the trade-off for this kept lifestyle is that pets now have ample opportunities to be bored.

I'll bet you this is a portrait of most dogs most days :)

I'll bet you this is a portrait of most dogs most days :)

The typical modern cat or dog spends the majority of the daytime…

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How To Deal With Your Pet's Misbehavior (Do's and Don'ts)

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Your pet is doing something you don't want him to do. How should you respond?

I hear this question all the time:
"I get how to use positive reinforcement to teach my dog a new trick, like sit or high five. But how can I use it to teach him NOT to do something?"

This is a tough concept for a lot of people - it's definitely counterintuitive to think about REINFORCING behavior in a situation where the natural inclination is to punish.

But the good news is that you don't need to yell or yank to …

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Why dogs love KONGs (and you should, too)!

Behold: The KONG toy

A seemingly simple beehive-ish looking thingy that doesn't tend to impress on first sight.

But when I tell you that this red piece of rubber can change your life with your dog, you better believe it.

Your puppy is nipping and biting at you?
Give him a KONG to scratch that teething itch.

Your adolescent dog is rifling through your trash and chewing your table legs?
Give her a KONG for added mental stimulation.

Your older dog is slowing down and can't handle lon…

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